Tuesday, August 26, 2014

goodbye, summer 2014

It was great, but I'm back to work.

Best parts of summer: family, friends, water, garden, and books. I became a grandmother, spent time with sons and their SOs, traveled to Burlington VT, visited my cousin on an island, grew green beans and flowers, bought a kayak, kayaked, taught Reiki, read novels, swam in a pond and the Atlantic, ate lobster, and rode a bike. I laughed with friends, loved my grandson, and went to a concert. It was a wonderful summer, full of love and laughter.

There were difficult, sad, and scary things too. Life.

My garden is a jungle of huge flowers, armloads of herbs, and vegies ready for harvest. Bees, raspberries, and humming birds.

Now I'm back to work. A full-time job, 3 part-time jobs, and my usual volunteer activities. It will be a busy four months. Glad I've got my summer memories. Hope summer was good for you.