Sunday, June 22, 2014

lunch at the healing circle

I meet with two women for a healing circle. We met in the winter and today. We decided to meet quarterly.

We connected at a Reiki Share, finishing each others' sentences, sharing thoughts, and getting each others' jokes. Perhaps we shared a past life or two. Maybe the one in the Scottish stone spiritual retreat. We wore brown linen robes and fur shoes in that life. We meditated and prayed, wandered the stone halls. I see images of that life when I practice with T & D. We decided to invite L to our next meeting.

Today it went like this.

We had lunch first, salad and iced tea. There was potato salad with hard-boiled eggs: what a treat. Kale with piquant dressing and fresh grated Parmesan cheese. Pasta salad with beets and shredded carrots. I brought pasta salad too.

I was nervous about a potluck. Most people don't like my cooking. First I boiled tiny teff grains for a teff salad. It turned out like mush and congealed into a solid mass. I started over with whole wheat macaroni.

Cooked the macaroni, added mayonnaise, salt, slivers of dried hot red pepper, and chopped sweet green pepper. Chopped and put everything into containers to layer once I got to T's house. The greens went on the bottom, greens fresh from my garden: spinach, red lettuce, cilantro, basil, and chives. Next a layer of chopped cucumber. Then the pasta. Spicy paprika, topped with sunflower seeds.

After lunch we did the healings.