Saturday, June 14, 2014

haunted house

Went to a haunted house today.

A friend had some business there and I went along.

too scared to look around, too scared to take pics, too scared to stay inside the house. Yeah, it was like that.

big old mansion. Front door wide enough to allow entry of women wearing hoop skirts. First thing I noticed was the gorgeous wallpaper, then the detailed woodwork and antique furniture. I love all that stuff. Then I noticed the ghost on the stairs and another in the parlor. Both wanted me to leave. It felt like there were more spirits. None extended a warm welcoming greeting. There was one spot where I was semi-allowed to sit in the parlor, and one spot on the front porch. I opted for the porch and was so glad when we left. I cleared myself and we headed for places with happier energy.

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