Saturday, November 2, 2013

Reiki students say the darndest things

Reiki student asked me today, "Does Reiki summon demons? Because my co-worker said she couldn't have it. Said her priest told her it summons demons."

Well, I"m glad the student asked, instead of wondering and worrying.

In case you are wondering and worrying: No. Reiki does not summon demons.

As a Reiki practitioner I'm all about love and light. I access my own personal spiritual and religious beliefs when I tune in to Reiki. For me, Reiki is my link to spirit. Sharing Reikii feels like going to church, temple, or mosque. Similar to the ecstasy of climbing a mountain and getting to the top, taking in the view. 

When I practice Reiki I feel love, connection, and gratitude. 

Reiki is pure, powerful, and neutral: neither "good" nor "bad." It just is. But my experience of Reiki is all positive.

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