Friday, November 29, 2013

bird sanctuary

Went to a bird sanctuary. How do pelicans get injured?

I watched them soar today, as I sat on the beach. They glide inches over the water with strength and grace. they go all over the bay, way faster than the boats. They slide down onto the surface and bob there, sometimes solo, sometimes in groups.

At the sanctuary, they can't fly. They waddle, clack their long pinky-orange beaks, and flap. No gliding, no sliding. They must wonder why they can't do that anymore. They eat, bathe, flap to dry, then nap. Their wings are broken. How does that happen?

I saw a baby, born yesterday, on Thanksgiving. Mom was sitting on a stick nest with two big eggs and a purplish squirming baby.

I saw white pelicans, wing span 9 feet.

I saw owls, blue jays, gulls, and vultures. All injured, all being cared for by dedicated and compassionate volunteers. 

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