Thursday, September 12, 2013

red lights of a guiding angel

Drove home in the dark, in the rain. An hour.

Driving in the dark feels like a video game to me. Was rainy too. Tunnel focus on the road ahead, the white lines. Don't marvel at the mist, don't become entranced by the water dripping down the rear window, don't space out listening to tunes. Consider hydroplaning, drunks, and deer. Focus.

So I asked my guides to protect me, focused on the road, and ignored the windshield wipers and patterns of drips and drops. Just get there.

A big slow truck appeared, garnished with many red lights. It went slow, 30 mph, now 45. OK, I'm stuck behind this truck. Usually a speedaholic, I'm curiously OK with this. I leave a respectable distance, I happily go 40, I follow this truck.  I feel protected by it's mass and the driver's competence.

It's dark and rainy, I'm at the end of a 14 hour workday, I'm making it home safely. Slow but safe.

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