Monday, September 23, 2013

MiSt circle method of Reiki

Went to a Reiki share tonight and did a cool thing. I'll call it the Mist circle method.

There were 5 people in our group and we didn't have a table. We had 2 couches, several comfy chairs, a coffee table, and a couple of straight backed chairs. MS invented this cool thing we did.

Two people sat facing each other in the straight backed chairs. We cushioned their arms with pillows. They held hands. The other 3 circled around sharing Reiki, holding the sacred space silently.

There was a lot of wisdom and experience in that room. A lot of compassion. We all shared Reiki: both as practitioner and recipient.

I loved giving, feeling the muscles release, the gentle pulsations of energy. I don't usually want to receive, but tonight I did and it was soothing. Embracing, loving, compassionate. Thank you.

It was the Mist Circular Method. You heard it here.