Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mt Apatite, Mt David, Basenji

Climbed 2 mountains today, Fluff & I: Mt Apatite and Mt David.

On Mt Apatite we saw a bunch of lady slippers, blooming in the sun. There were giant mosquitoes, but not too many of them. While walking up the trail, a dog came bounding up. I thought: Jack Russell terrier? Oh no, look at the face: part pit bull? Wait, the tail: part Chow? He had tiger stripes, and a tag that said Yoda. Basenji, the man said. Oh, the barkless dog. He can howl, the man said.

They mine for tourmaline up there. I looked through the rock piles. Found some quartz, and some feldspar with mica that looked like growths of lichen.

Going up Mt David we met a family of picnic-ers. They had bags of food, and talked loudly as they lurched down the trail. They trailed wisps of cigarette smoke.

No people at the top, and no mosquitoes. There was a breeze and a spectacular view. We lolled in the sunshine and watched swallows swooping and listened to the city sirens below.

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