Saturday, June 11, 2011


 The Maine Iris Society annual show, today in Auburn.
 Bates campus, the puzzle bench.
 Bates campus.
 The pond on Bates campus, yellow irises and ducklings.
 Betsy and Dave have hundreds of irises in their huge and amazing garden. These are just a few. I love those white ones with the purple edge.
It's June and the irises are blooming. Wander around the neighborhood gardens, everywhere you look: irises. So many colors. Which is your favorite? I love the dark purple ones and the ones I saw in my friends' garden:  white with a purple edge. I saw some unusual ones at the Maine Iris Society show today, in Auburn. I accidentally wandered in early and was able to experience the earnest intensity of the members. They kindly let me wander around, "As long as I didn't get in the way!" The  growers were carefully delivering their specimens,  the sellers sorting and labeling the roots, and the judges evaluating the entries.

Don't get me started on the peonies...

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