Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So today it was fun with needles. I instructed nursing students on the proper technique for administering subcutaneous and intra-muscular medications. SQ and IM, in nurse talk.

We discussed locating anatomical landmarks, selecting the proper gauge and length of the needle, selecting the appropriate syringe, the volume and viscosity of medications, assessing the adipose tissue of the client, Insulin, Lovenox, the 8 rights of injecting medications, the angle of approach, medication packaging systems, the physics of surface tension in drawing from an ampule, how not to lose a finger when playing with EpiPens, tiny bubbles are good in Hawaii but no good in the hospital, and safety features to prevent needlesticks. Tomorrow they will be tested.

PS: I would prefer to be on the business end of the needle.
I'd rather be the nurse than the patient. way