Friday, January 14, 2011

birds and fishes

So what's up with the birds and fishes? Seems like every day there are mass quantities of them showing up dramatically dead.

Is this a terribly sad manifestation of man? Is it something we humans have done to the environment, to Mother Earth? Is it pollution, noise, or manipulation of energies? Maybe it's microwaves, energy as a weapon, or the shifting of the poles.

Or maybe it's The Great Shift. Maybe communities of animals, insects, plants, etc are transcending to another dimension. Maybe Earth is splitting like an atom and populations of birds and fishes are splitting too. Make like a tree and leave.

Firecrackers: that's the official explanation.

And what about the bees and bats; let's not forget them. They too are having survival issues.

My response: reiki. It's all I know to do. Just send reiki to the birds, bees, bats, and fishes. Send reiki to Mother Earth. Wishing you all a very reiki day.