Friday, November 12, 2010


This is a picture of my yogi, Arvind Zanje. He is a super yoga teacher. He teaches yoga in Ahmedabad, India in the winter, and at the teen camp in the summer. He also teaches tennis and designs yoga rooms. So he's pretty amazing. 

I take yoga classes with Arvind in the summer. One year he said I was good enough to be a yoga teacher myself; he gave me a teacher's certificate. 

Today I taught my first class: here at the assisted living facility. There were 4 students: the 35-year-old Activities Director, two 85 year-olds, and one 89 year-old lady. It was one lady's birthday. It was their first yoga class. We did mountain, tree, cobbler, and staff asanas. We did child's pose and cat. We did twists and stretches.We will work towards downward dog and sun salutations. Five residents sat in a circle around us and watched. Mr M slept through the whole thing. 

Thank you, Arvind. Your teaching is spreading through the community. Namaste.