Thursday, November 4, 2010

lonely dog, again

OK, here she is: the lonely dog.
Came home today to find she'd chewed the beads off a pillow. It's a handmade pillow, with beads all around the outer edge. I got it at a Christmas craft fair last year. It's yellow and blue brocade, a wise man in the center, and beads all around.

Well, there used to be beads all around.

She's never done this before. She's 11 and I met her when she was 2 days old. She fit into the palm of my hand.

She moved to the city, to my new house, 2 months ago. Summer was OK, but now I go to work every day, for 10 hours or so. She told Jen, the animal whisperer, that she wants a cat.

Today when I came home from work the pillow was on the couch, 2 sides of beads chewed off. Beads were strewn all over the couch. It was a beady mess.  She didn't bark when I got home, or meet my eyes.

So, she's going crazy from loneliness? I leave the radio on for her.

I really REALLY don't want a cat. Cats are scary. They look at you and could start hissing at any moment. They could stick out their claws and jump at your face. They could chew on you. Cats are scary. Plus the whole icky litter box thing. Bad enough I have to carry a plastic bag when I take the dog for a walk.

So that's the dilemma. Crazy dog or get a cat? Animals to outnumber humans in my new house? Spend my free time picking up canine & feline feces? *sigh* Your opinion?

Got a spare cat?