Sunday, October 24, 2010


I watched some lacrosse this weekend. The sun was beating down but the wind was cold. Fans were bundled in fleece and jeans.

Strange sport. I could not figure out the rules, even which way they were going or if there were a goal.

It seems to be a blend of football, soccer, wrestling, and acrobatics.

The ball is shaped like a kumquat: pointy at both ends. Who can catch that? If thrown, it bounces in serendipitous ways.

The teams travel together in bunches. They throw each other around, and happily pile atop one another.

Sometimes they fold each other up, and pummel an opponent into the soil. Some players wear nylon bonnets.

They lift smaller players, in order to catch the ball. All of sudden there is a pyramid of players; they go vertical.

Like soccer, lacrosse is played in the best season: fall. Autumn for you purists. The leaves are flaming yellow, cranberry red, or pumpkin orange. No bugs. Nice sun and blue sky. The grass is still green, what could be better? Ok, sometimes the wind is bitterly cold to our summer bodies. Hey, this would be a wonderfully warm day in February. We would love this day in February, so stop complaining. Put on a jacket. Not quite glove weather, but hey, it's coming.

Lacrosse. It's great. Lots of enthusiasm, positive energy, sun, and piles of athletes. What could be better?

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