Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saw a gang of ravens on my way into work this morning. They were crowded around a tasty morsel of garbage. I looked online for the spiritual significance of ravens. Discovered their voices can transport my spirit to another dimension. Cool!


  1. Ravens are a very good sign. They represent magic and manifestation. Over the years, this was turned into something sinister - as in witches - but they represent wisdom and can communicate spiritual knowledge esoterically to us. When you see Ravens, expect that miracles and magic are happening around you and that you are being transformed into your higher spiritual self.

    FYI, I found you via facebook (Reiki, Medicine page...) You have a wonderful energy and are a great messenger for Reiki and healing. I am happy to connect with you!

    (My blog is www.seeingmiracleseveryday.blogspot.com) I am working on a book that I am about to publish, so I admire you putting your story out there. It is quite and endeavor but so important for others to hear our stories right now.

    Love and light!

  2. Hi Sherri! Let me know if you want advice re publishing, I love my publisher. Check out BookLocker.com and tell Angie I sent you!