Friday, February 26, 2010

Reiki at the Cancer Center

So it's going to be a very reiki day today. I stayed up til midnight last night, energized by teaching nursing students til 8, topic: wound care. Got up at six this morning. Soon I'll head over to the cancer center. I'll work with a new reiki practitioner this morning.

It is such a privilege to do reiki at the Center. It's a warm and wonderful place. Staff are always ready with smiles and hugs. The clients are amazing; they endure so much. It's a place where hearts are wide open and loving.

Around noon I'll have a reiki session with one of the practitioners. I just love her energy. Plus she always seems to have messages for me from my grandma.

Then I'll drive home in a winter storm. Hope my wheels stay on the road.

The picture above is from a reading I did in Raymond, Maine, at the Good Life Market.

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