Sunday, March 7, 2021

Don't Go There

 It's hard to get good Mexican food in Maine. I'd heard good things about the place so I stopped for a take-out vegie burrito lunch after walking on a frozen lake. It is arctic-cold in Maine today. The sky is a deep blue and the sun is shining, but it is cold and windy. Hot spicy Mexican food appealed. 

Until it didn't. The burrito came in a foil dish with a clear top. It was a soft pale tortilla wrap sitting in a pond of milky sauce. Not finger food then. I cut into the burrito with the plastic cutlery provided. Enormous chunks of grilled vegies spilled out. Fat slices of onion and pepper and whole mushrooms. The vegies were greasy, grilled, and al dente. The tortilla was soggy, as soft and bland as pasta.

There was a side of rice. The rice was salty and yellow. There were chips and salsa too, which I set aside, as the lunch was carby and fatty enough without adding chips. 

It's hard to get good Mexican food in Maine. I'll keep looking.