Saturday, December 22, 2018

Speedy, Sniffly, and Sneezy

True friends check on you politely, laugh at your jokes and make you laugh too, and give you space when you need it.

A friend stopped in to my office today. She was having trouble making videos and needed help. She's been out of work for a few days with back pain. She knew I'd be in my office on a Saturday.

So she asked why the sound is all messed up. Too fast. I showed her how to check the speed setting. She backed away when she heard my sneezes and sniffles. I hab a code. She pulled her coat up over her mouth and nose. Just eyes showing. Kept asking questions.

I asked about her back. She said her back hurt so she walked funny so now her knee hurts. I asked if she has access to a pool. She said No. I suggested yoga. She said she tried it twice and threw up both times.

Barfy, Limpy, Speedy, Sniffly, and Sneezy.