Thursday, October 13, 2016

Chemo and radiation

Question. Can the Reiki practitioner be harmed by sharing Reiki with a person who just had chemotherapy or radiation therapy?

Answer. Well, short answer, is No.

I don't know of any way the Reiki practitioner could be harmed. If you feel that you're being harmed, look within. Your answers are within. Do self-Reiki. Drink fresh water, rest, meditate. Self-Reiki. Examine your fears. Know yourself.

Longer answer. Oncology nurses wear special gowns and gloves when they handle chemotherapy. The Reiki practitioner will not be handling chemo, so does not need the special gowns and gloves. Nurses wear regular gowns and gloves to protect from body fluids. Reiki practitioners should also wear this protection if there is a chance they'll come into contact with body fluids. Universal precautions, we call this. It's more likely that the Reiki practitioner will come in contact with body fluids if sharing in a hospital. Less likely in an infusion center, even less likely in an outpatient support center.

Oncology nurses take no special precautions with the person who just experienced radiation therapy. That person is not radioactive. Unless and except when the person has radioactive implants. That's different. Then the person with implants should take precautions, keeping social distance for several days/weeks, as the implants do their thing.

So. The person enduring chemo and radiation can't harm you, the Reiki practitioner.

If you believe you're experiencing harmful effects, look within. Ask and listen. Know yourself.

Just for today, don't worry.
Warm Reiki hugs.

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