Saturday, September 26, 2015

Reiki at the Fair

Shared Reiki for almost two hours today, in a Reiki tent, at an agricultural fair.

I met lots of people. It was nice to connect, to step out of the intensity of the crowds, to be Reiki. One man on my table told me he had pancreatic cancer, with mets to his liver and colon. He had beautiful skin and appeared to be completely healthy. "Appearances are deceiving," he told me. It was his first Reiki session. I shared with his wife also. Felt so honored. Shared with another husband and wife; husband complained his wife doesn't Reiki him enough.

All the other practitioners were mixing modalities. It's fun to do that, of course. Fun to use stones, messages, and massage. But I wish they would tell people. Wish they'd say what Reiki is and what is other stuff. Otherwise it's confusing. I was the only one doing plain Reiki. I saw stones, massage, psychic messages, reflexology, and KCR. All of that's great, of course, but but but...

Am I just being like one of those kids who won't eat supper if the carrots touch the potatoes?

Just plain Reiki is just plain amazing. It's simple, subtle, sensational.

I'm Unitarian or Zen: I don't talk a lot; I listen. I don't waste motion: I don't shake, tremble, or dance. I just place my hands and it's Reiki. Some people like the drama; they want the practitioner to perform.

The other thing different about me: I don't discuss my experience with my client. One woman asked me what I saw and felt. "Let's keep this about you," I responded. "What did you see and feel?" She happily described her experience to me. It was good.