Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Heard a story on the radio* about bedbugs. So of course I worried about an infestation.

Just like back in nursing school, when we all thought we had every disease we studied.

I learned a lot about bedbugs. They get excited when they detect your breath, or the warmth of your skin. They can adjust their feeding schedules to your sleep schedules. They can walk from your apartment to mine: across the hall or through the walls, entering in tiny cracks. They poop, and their poop can look like black mold (Borel, 2015).

So of course I went on a search. I looked online for photos and more information. I pulled back the sheets and inspected my mattress. Got down on the floor and peered at the baseboards. I cleaned and investigated. No critters. Nothing that looked like black mold. Nothing.

Just like nursing school. Guess I'm going to live another day.

* Dave Davies interviewed Brooke Borel, author of Infested on Fresh Air, 4-8-15 Fresh Air