Monday, October 6, 2014

family comes first

You may not see it, me working 50-70 hours/week. You might think I value work first. Well, I do have a full-time (50+ hours/week) and 3 part-time jobs. Yes, I work a lot. I like to keep busy and connected.

I volunteer too. Usually around 100 hours/ year. I share Reiki, manage a Reiki team, serve on a board, and participate in regional integrative health meetings. That busy and connected thing again.

Manage a home, garden, blah blah blah. Would love to have a cook, gardener, secretary, valet, and personal trainer. Alas.

Friends. So important to my soul and happiness.

But if you asked, I'd say I put family first. They're grown and independent. They have significant others, jobs, hobbies, friends, homes. But my sons come first. They always will. And now a grandson. Dear daughters (in-law). Cousins, siblings, parent, aunties, uncle, nephews and nieces...
Family first.