Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reiki tonight

Shared Reiki tonight. Late this afternoon, I guess. Felt like night, since I usually get up at 5 am. This was 5 pm, end of another long day.

Needed to orient a new practitioner, a lovely young woman who is passionate about Reiki and health.

"I was stuck in a negative vortex," she told me. "Now I feel like I'm home."

Home is our local cancer center. There is so much love, air, and light there. As I sat in the lobby, waiting for her to arrive I kept looking at the clouds, at the sky, at the river. Buildings, hills, and trees. Seagulls. It's on the 5th floor: a skyscraper in this town. I sat on a comfy couch and flipped through a shiny local magazine. Thought I should grade papers, so started on that. Felt sleepy so kicked back and closed my eyes. Worried about snoring, so sat up and wrote comments on student's paper. She arrived.

Our Reiki room was warm and stuffy, but when we placed our hands I got so hot I could barely stand it. I kicked off my shoes and shucked off my cardigan. Fanned myself, but that didn't help.

When we started, I felt the Reiki pulses in my hands immediately. I checked the client: looked fine, relaxed and peaceful. I looked at the other practitioner and we smiled. The client snored.

All is good in Reiki world. 

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