Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Work all day. Miss lunch with a friend because she is ill: worsening double pneumonia. Get hungry.

Forget it's time to go home because you're meeting with students. Way rewarding, stop and love job. Notice the time: late. Do errands on the way home. Get there. Check mailbox: no mail. Neighbors' lights and TVs are on. No one about.

Invent a reason to deserve pasta instead of fresh raw fruits & vegies. Or maybe should work out instead of eating. A walk in the subzero wind; stumble on ice? Home yoga with Rodney Yee DVD? Love expanding self. Make pasta.

Pinch fresh basil from windowsill plants and cut into fine slices with kitchen scissors. Dice fresh garlic. Drain pasta. Toast garlic in hot olive oil. Mix basil, pasta, and parmesan cheese; add garlic. Eat. Call friend.

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