Thursday, December 5, 2013

Florida vacation

It seemed like a good idea.

It was, at first. I explored. It was easy to get around, and I got around in a new black VW Jetta.

Sun was my plan. Hot sun on a beach with a stack of murder mysteries. A little more summer.

So it didn't turn out like that. It was 2 days of sun with cold breezes, temps in high 60s and 2 days of overcast with temps in mid 70s.

I walked on the beach for an hour every morning. I explored. Went to bird and dolphin sanctuaries. Those are places for wounded birds and dolphins. Went out to eat once daily: Mexican mostly. Italian once. Snacks of yoghurt and grapefruit. Drank hotel room coffee: bland but effective.

Beaches were good, despite clouds and fog. Inland exploration was sunnier but frightening. Found gorgeous botanical park and place of old timey houses with people dressed in old timey clothes. But the alligator warning signs were off-putting. Kept encountering these signs. Loved the flowers, plants, old buildings, old machinery, old lifestyle. But those gator signs. I kept thinking the gator would be right beside the sign. Shocking realization that they could be anywhere. Heightened alligator alert. That was exhausting. Perhaps better at the beach, despite fog.

For the first time in 6 years I didn't check and respond to my work emails daily. That's probably good.

The ocean was right outside my balcony door, palm trees too: also good. Taking a vacation: experts say that is good.

So I did it. I took a vacation. Day 1: awesome. 2: OK. 3: maybe repeat #1? 4: really ready to go home.

I learned: I like parks and museums. I like nature, soul, culture, people, enlightenment, sun, and music. I don't like to feel like my life is at risk from alligators. I learned that it is good to get away, change it up, and do scary stuff. I like to drive.

Will I go back? Maybe somewhere. I like high dry plateaus, sun, people, Reiki, ocean.