Wednesday, December 29, 2010

feliz navidad

Went to dinner. Waiters ran and danced around the restaurant. They shoved into each other and laughed. They carried out the steamy plates from the kitchen on their arms, padded with oven mitts, loaded from hand to chin. They were young and cheerful; they wore plain white t-shirts and black pants.

If you're from my family then you want to know what I ate. First let me tell you I went there with my friend Kathi, the reiki pracitioner. She also does readings, in case you're interested. She sees a lot. She has a wonderful reiki room in her big old house, and also lots of family and pets. Its a house full of love.

Anyway. I had cerviche. What's that? Well, in Mexico I saw it served in tall clear tumblers. Here it came on a platter. It's cold cooked fish and shrimp mixed with lime, cilantro, chunks of garlic, thin slices of hot peppers, and finely chopped tomatoes and onions. It was limey and spicey. Hot stuff!

Kathi had an enchilada. Or a burrito. Or maybe it was a flauta. We weren't sure, since it didn't seem to be what she'd ordered. It was good, I tried a bite. It was sauteed onions and peppers in a thick flour tortilla, topped with a creamy cheese sauce. She ordered the fried ice cream, and I tried that too. It wasn't what I imagined. I wondered: deep fried? A glob of ice cream inside a thick batter, dropped into a vat of hot oil? Or just plain ice cream tossed into a frying pan and served as liquid? I had no idea. This is what it was. Ever had a taco salad? Comes in a taco shaped into a bowl? Ok, like that. A sweet crispy edible bowl. Inside was vanilla ice cream layered with tiny bits of cinnamon pastry. The whole thing was topped with whipped cream and colorful sprinkles. Delish.

Kathi and I watched the lively waiters and talked about family life. It was strangely freezing in our booth, and I sat with my coat around my shoulder. Sinaloense polka music played loudly and the waiters wailed along with the bands. The food was good, wait staff great, and the place was packed. Next time maybe we'll sit in front of the fireplace. El mechon!

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