Friday, January 29, 2010

One of my students told me she doesn't feel much when she does reiki. She asked me if this is normal.

It sure is. You might not feel a lot in the beginning. Just keep practicing.

And even after a lot of experience, you might not feel much. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing anything at all. Then the recipient tells me how wonderful they feel. Or I feel a whoosh of energy moving from the top of my head, through my arms, and down to the palms of my hands into the person. Or I read something, like from Dr James Oschman, about how it is possible to measure the electricity coming out of the hands of the reiki practitioners. Or I have an incredible vision of angels or eagles or Hawayo Takata. Then I know something is really happening.

So just keep practicing. Keep doing reiki. Read about it, talk about it, and ask questions. It's real.