Friday, October 23, 2009

Cytokine Storm

Now over 1,000 deaths from H1N1 in the US.

My great-grandmother died in the 1918 influenza pandemic. She was a pioneer in North Dakota, and left eight young children behind when she died.

What about homeopathy? According to Minnesota homeopaths at, practitioners of Western biomedicine reported 30% mortality in the 1918 flu pandemic. The mortality rate for patients of homeopaths in 1918: 1%.

Most flu viruses we encounter are human. The H1N1 virus is composed of human, swine, and avian bits. It's so different that our bodies overreact. Our immune systems unleash a cyclone of protective substances: it's a cytokine storm.

Minnesota homeopaths recommend remedies. Look for these homeopathic flu remedies at your local health food store: Gelsumium, Byronia, Carbo, Rhus tox, Pulsatilla, Arnica, and Aconite. Place a few of the sugary pellets under your tongue several times a day if you start to feel ill.

Sure, wash your hands, sneeze into your elbows, and seek medical care appropriately. But also, please consider homeopathy.