Saturday, December 31, 2016


Communication, education, and ethics- these are my coping strategies for these scary times.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

consent for Reiki

Many people have questions about consent for Reiki.

Sharing Reiki, that is. Of course self-Reiki is the foundation of our practice. And Reiki is primarily a philosophy and life-style. Still, many people instantly go to sharing hands-on, when they think of Reiki. So that's what I'm looking at here.

As a nurse, I heartily support the ethical concept of autonomy, manifested as informed consent. So I inform and obtain consent before sharing Reiki. I keep the inform part simple. I usually say something like, "Many people find Reiki to be relaxing. Keep your clothes on and get comfortable. I'll be placing my hands on your head, shoulders to hands, and knees to feet. All you have to do is relax and breathe.... Got any questions? Want to try it?"

If the person consents, then I give a few more instructions.

"Eyes open or closed, up to you. You can shift around at any time. You may ask me questions at any time."

I keep my eyes open, so I can check on the person's facial expressions and body language. I'm there to support, encourage, and facilitate the person's journey to health. I'm there to listen and to witness. I'm reticent.

If I can't get consent, then I don't ask the higher self; I refrain. I respect the person's conscious choice. I don't force it on anyone.

Good luck.
Be well, be Reiki. 

50 states?

I'm fuzzy on Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. It was a long road trip, that one from Maine to California way back then; Utah and Colorado for sure that time. Definitely missing Alaska; probably WY, MT, and ID too. Been to all the rest. Wait, never been to Oregon. Time for another road trip!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

What Level are you?

Someone asked me about another Reiki practitioner. "Is she a Master?"

I replied that she was, not that it matters.

It doesn't matter if the Reiki practitioner is Level 1, 2, or 3 (Master/Teacher). All are capable of sharing Reiki. You see, Reiki isn't about the practitioner, it's about the universal life force. The Level 1 practitioner is the same as the Level 3. All that really matters is if the Reiki practitioner has a therapeutic presence: able to listen, to be present, and to be kind. And ethical: respectful of the person's body, space, beliefs, values, and thoughts. And reticent: allow the person to experience and interpret their own visions.

You can take all the Reiki classes that you want. The energy is the same. What makes one a great practitioner is therapeutic presence, ethics, and reticence.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


My students keep asking me for meditation.


Yesterday I sent them to beds and stretchers. They doubled up, cuddled up to the manikins, or simply laid their heads on a table. I turned out the lights. We stretched and breathed. They closed their eyes and slowed down.

I talked to them slowly. Told them this:
Rest, breathe, relax.
Imagine there is an egg of light around you.
What color is your egg of light?

Imagine that you're tiny inside your egg, floating around.
Rest, breathe, relax.
Imagine that your egg is enormous.
Imagine that you are a drop of water, floating in your egg of light.

Be a drop of water. Be rain. Rain into the ocean.
Be a wave.
Rest, breathe, relax.

The sun shines on you and you evaporate.
Now you're air.
Be a breeze. The wind.
Blow over the land.
Blow into a forest fire.

Be fire.
Burn away what you no longer need.
Burn til you reach a marsh.
Become earth.
Rest, breathe, relax.

Be earth.
Provide fruits and vegetables.
Be you.

Wake up. 

weird energy

Someone said last night at the Reiki Share that energy is weird right now.

Is it?

There's the election. Anxiety and anger. Sexism, racism, stupidity, lies, and greed.
End of semester: stress there for sure.
Winter coming. Drought.
Earthquakes, fire, fracking, oil pipelines, animals dying.

Is the weird energy: fear?

The Reiki principles tell us not to anger or worry.
What about fear.
Is fear a step beyond worry?
Just for today, don't be afraid.

Put your energy in love. Feel peace, connection, light, and warmth.
Forgive someone. Forgive yourself.
Hug lots.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

my dream

My dream is that we all wake up and remember that we're connected.

Soldiers drop their weapons and embrace. Greed ends. Earth rests, rejuvenates, burgeons with new life. Whales rejoice. Peace and love.