Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Any artichoke farmers out there? Will a seedling grow to maturity in Maine, and produce many delicious organic artichokes?

My son and DIL gave me a seedling for Mother's Day. It looks healthy: light green saw-toothed leaves.

I remember seeing plants in California. In San Diego, Old Town. And in a Montessori garden in Sacramento.

The plants are tall and sturdy, with purple flowers and multiple green globes. They seemed to thrive in hot and dry. Maine is often cool and rainy in the summer, so we'll see. I'll give the seedling the sunniest spot in the garden. So much of the garden is shaded by the Japanese maples, the crabapple, the pine, and the house. There is one super-sunny spot, and the artichoke will go there.

My garden recharges my energy. I love to putter around there, soaking up sun and green. 

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