Saturday, April 26, 2014

Reiki Share

They insisted I get on the table first. Ok. Wait. Why? Do I seem like I need it the most? Frazzled, exhausted, double shifts every day- it shows? I'm worse than the person living with cancer, the person grieving 3 loved ones, and the person in chronic pain?

Well I jumped up on the table and felt rocked, safe, and loved. Felt like I was in the ocean, but supported, floating. Felt my angel. Felt my arms abducting and hoped I wouldn't hit anyone, but I couldn't help them moving inexorably away from my body. Felt my right arm shaking.

Felt like a minute and they were done. I said, "Thank you very much," and tried to open my eyes. Soon I could.

D said she saw a white horse. "Oh yes," I said, "my angel rides a big white horse and he was here."

"Did I hit you with my arms?" I asked. I apologized.  "I couldn't help it, moving them, and they were shaking." They stared at me. "Your arms didn't move."

We all had a turn on the table. 

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