Monday, April 14, 2014

just for this moment, listen

Tried my new script at Reiki class tonight.

Have a little problem with Reiki practitioners scaring the new clients. See, I offer this introduction to Reiki class. The students are a mixture of people who've never heard of Reiki, and Reiki practitioners. I found the practitioners were saying alarming things like, "Guilt causes cancer, what are you feeling guilty about?" "Reiki comes from other planets," and "Reiki angels work through me." "You won't need your medications if you try Reiki." The practitioners were scaring the potential clients. They were also being way too helpful in trying to teach my class for me.

So I practiced scripts and methods to handle this situation.

I came up with a script I liked and got to try it out tonight. This is what said. "Welcome new clients and experienced practitioners. I invite the Reiki practitioners to listen to how I present Reiki here. If you have a different understanding of Reiki, then I welcome you to speak with me at the end of class."

Seemed to work well, though I stumbled through the words. Luckily, the Reiki practitioners who happened to attend were people I respect immensely. They were gracious and understanding, and didn't seem at all offended.

So, listen. No scaring the potential clients! Thank you. 

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