Monday, March 10, 2014

little pond

Last night I went down to the basement to get some curtains.

I saw the rug first. Then I heard the drips. I looked up and saw the soaked wood, looked down at the dark stain on the rug. Pulled the rug back and there was a pond. I pictured the rooms above. Refrigerator?

Pulled it away from the wall, nothing there. Sink? Looked under the sink. Oh, look at that. There's a fountain coming out of that pipe. There was a spigot handle, the kind that looks like a wheel. I turned it. Worse. Turned it the other way. Better? Ran back downstairs. Still coming down like a spring shower.

I set a fan in front of the pond. Checked the drips every fifteen minutes and after an hour they stopped.

Plumber came today, chatty fellow. Put his back out this weekend, sat too long doing his taxes. So he twisted and groaned on my kitchen floor for about 10 minutes, replaced the worn out pipe. Bonus: he switched the hot and cold pipes so now my hot water is controlled on the left like everywhere else. 

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