Thursday, February 27, 2014

white buffalo

I dreamt of a white buffalo this morning.

I was dreaming about a house, my family, and then the buffalo came. It was in a herd; all others were brown. The herd came towards me, and I saw a white babe. The other dream stories resumed and continued. The herd came back; they galloped past me; the white buffalo had grown. I heard a voice, "The white buffalo means a great gift, great blessings."

Well that's a good way to start the day. It was a long one. I got up just after 5 am, dark and starry outside, temp 1 degree F, cold sucked heat from my bones, chilled and shivering in my winter coat and boots. Got coffee and was at a work before 6 am, preparing for students and patients. Had a superb day with students; they're wonderful: bright and eager to learn. Full day with them, home to shower & change, in office to grade papers, to cancer center for Reiki Share which was fabulous of course, and then home just before 8 pm. Dishes, laundry, emails, too much energy to sleep. Thinking of that white buffalo and the richness of life.

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